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High Beech Horse Riding School first opened to the public in 1970 and our aim today is the same as the day we opened, to teach you to ride, or improve your riding in a friendly atmosphere and pleasant surroundings.

High Beech Horse Riding School is situated in High Beech village in the centre of Epping Forest, Essex and cater for all riders, from teaching the beginner or novice in our indoor school to experienced riders wishing to improve their technique. We also offer escorted forest rides (Hacking)
Our location right in the heart of Epping Forest, Essex gives us over 6000 acres of woodland to explore.

High Beech Horse Riding School also offer taster horse riding sessions, horse riding experience days and gift vouchers, so there has never been a better time to give horse riding a try.
High Beech Horse Riding School are open 6 days a week. (closed Tuesdays)
Please come down to the yard to take a breather and enjoy the stunning views of our fields and horses and enjoy a cup of tea.

Everyone at High Beech Horse Riding School extend our warmest wishes to you and hope to see you soon.

Gloria and Chris Taylor

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New Arrivals

Apart from the additions in the ranks of our four-legged friends, more about them in later blogs, Becky has given birth to her second son, Edward. Congratulations to Becky and Nick you're well on your way to that football team. 


Perkins is back home again after his eight days away in Newmarket, not racing on the flat this time but in hospital undergoing treatment. He is now taking visitors but no flowers or chocolates please - only apples and carrots.

by Jillian and Janet

We have been riding at High Beech Riding School for a combined 58 years. In that time we have enjoyed excellent lessons and wonderful hacks in Epping Forest, including dawn rides and whole day rides. We have always found the staff welcoming and the horses well looked after and willing. 

Jillian learned to ride at High Beech, taught by the late Alf Taylor who founded the stable with his wife, Gloria. The following was published in the stables newsletter at the time (this was in the days before Facebook!) twenty six years ago exactly in March 1985.

I have a friend called Janet,

She can be quite a pain,

She’s told me I should learn to ride,

Time and time again.


She said, “You really need to think,

Now you are twenty-eight

You must get on a horse quite soon

Or it will be too late.”


She frowned and stated firmly,

“You should delay no more

Yes, riding is the sport for you,

It’s what your backside’s for.”


So, feeling old and past it,

I drove to High Beech School,

I gingerly got on my mount,

I thought I looked a fool.


Champ knew I was beginning,

And took great care of me.

He walked and turned and trotted

And stopped at letter “C”.


By the end of that lesson

I felt safe on a horse.

Champ was the perfect teacher

(Alf helped as well, of course)


I’ve had more lessons since then,

I’m still feeling my way.

I’m nearly getting better,

I’ll be quite good some day.


I’m now a good deal older,

In fact I’m twenty-nine.

A wiser person who knows well

That riding is just fine.


And now both Janet and I are in our 50’s, we are still having a good time at High Beech Stables and would recommend others to give it a try!

Congratulations Becky and Nick!

Congratulations to our Yard Manager Becky who married Nicholas Pearman  on 
Thursday 17th March 2011.

It was a truly wonderful day and the sun shone! Becky looked magnificent in her dress and managed to keep composure even when we surprised her by bringing her horse Panache along! Nicholas was slightly concerned that Panache upstaged him and Becky even said "Oh my gosh... Panache looks better than me!" As Panache stood proud we all agreed that it was a privilege to be a part of their day.

Best of luck to Becky and Nick in their future as Husband and Wife!

Gloria, Chris and everyone at

Epping Forest Horse Rangers

The HRA which stands for Horse Rangers Association was founded in 1954 by Raymond Gordon.
The organisation is aimed at boys and girls aged eight years and upwards. It includes children who are both able bodied and with special needs. The club teaches children how to care for horses and ponies and develop their riding skills whilst enjoying themselves in a safe and welcoming environment. The way the organisation works is that all officers and instructors are trained using the British Horse Society guidelines which they hope to pass down to the Rangers. We are split into four different groups which are divided up depending on riding ability. Groups one and two are the more experienced riders who ride every other week for an hour. Groups three and four ride every week, but only for half- an-hour. When part of Rangers, they give you a chance to take some exams, such as the Ride and Road Safety exam and also you can study and take other BHS qualifications.

I decided to join Horse Rangers because I wanted to be more involved with horses and ponies as well as developing my riding skills. As I could already ride to an intermediate level I was put into group one.
On a typical Sunday afternoon at Rangers, we muck out a total of five boxes in our groups altogether and bed down as requested. This is part of the horse’s welfare keeping their beds clean and checking the water to make sure it is fresh. Next we sweep the yard which is important so it looks clean and tidy. After that we have tuck which is where we are allowed to buy a variety of our favourite sweets and drinks. For the groups who are riding, we are then told the name of the horse or pony we have and all groups help groom them making sure their coats are clean and their hoofs picked out to keep them healthy. Before riding, it is time for the slightly older Rangers to help show the less experienced how to tack up the horses and ponies. When group 4 Rangers are riding, the rest of the Rangers tend to lead them for support. After this group finishes riding, the next group tacks up and rides. If the weather is pleasant we ride out on a hack in the forest but if the weather isn’t good then we have a lesson in the indoor school. Sometimes we bath the ponies and horses and at other times we clean the tack. During the summer most of the ponies and horses live out in the fields so we help put them out. In winter time as most of them live in we have to help rug them up and sometimes help with the feeding. By then it is time to go home.

I enjoy doing everything at Rangers as it might come in handy when I am older and I especially enjoy grooming as we learn about horse and ponies body parts. I understand that some Rangers have gone on to run their own yards, become horse owners, train as a riding instructor and one became a mounted police officer.

My favourite hack was the ice-cream ride where we rode up through the trees as it was a hot day to High Beach and ordered our favourite ice cream. The horses and ponies were allowed to eat the grass whilst we enjoyed the ice cream.

Horse Rangers takes place every Sunday afternoon from 1:30 pm to about 6:00 pm at High Beech Riding School. The current cost is £16 each week.

Sophie Noakes